Specialists in wood chip drying and biomass energy

Woodtek Energy is a renewable energy based company specialising in the manufacture of highly efficient wood chip dryers and feed mechanisms, all designed, developed and assembled at our mid Wales based factory.

To compliment our Eco Dryer range, we offer additional products, which include Kriger high temperature Biomass Boilers and Electratherm ORC units. Working closely with both manufacturers we have brought all three technologies together and developed an extremely reliable and user friendly Combined Heat & Power system.

We also work alongside our sister company Woodtek Biomass as wood fuel specialists, they produce and supply top quality biomass wood chip and CHP wood chip. We have designed and developed a production line which produces a product of the highest standard.

We feel that with our expertise in all the areas we work, we really can offer our customers the best of services. We are continuously researching and developing our products, as we aim to provide our customers with the best possible equipment available. We pride ourselves in our after sales service, which we genuinely believe is second to none.

We see great importance in providing all customers with a high quality service from point of enquiry right through to the future maintenance and service of our products.