About Us

We are a family run business based in Mid Wales, proudly providing a range of biomass products across the country.

Woodtek Energy started working within the renewable sector in 2012, installing biomass boilers within the poultry farm industry. The company grew rapidly going from strength to strength. During this period we developed our own engineering factory. In 2015 we diversified from the biomass boiler installations and developed a horizontal column wood chip dryer, which was a new and innovative idea. We carried out extensive research and development for the dryers, which resulted in the evolvement of our current range of highly efficient and economical Woodtek Eco Dryers, which are now a vertical design. 

Alongside the manufacturing of our Woodtek Eco Dryers, we secured UK distributorship for Kriger Biomass boilers and ElectraTherm ORC units. We have developed a close working relationship with both manufacturers and can now offer a extremely reliable and user friendly combined heat and power system. 

We also work as wood fuel speciaists alongside our sister company Woodtek Biomass. We have many years experience of kiln drying timber, working with biomass boilers and operating our dryers alongside CHP plants, we are therefore experts when it comes to the burning of wood chip. We have designed and developed the wood chip production line, which is located at our Mid Wales based factory, and the wood chip is dried using a fleet of Woodtek Eco Dryers. 

The expertise we have ensures that we can offer our customers the best of services. We pride ourselves in the customer service we offer from point of enquiry through to the future maintenance of our products. 

About Our Products


Our range of highly efficient Eco Dryers is the result of two years research and development. During this time we have reduced the electrical consumption of the dryers by 70% whilst doubling the wood chip throughput. We are now confident that our Woodtek Eco Dryers are the most efficient dryers on the market. To compliment our Eco Dryer range, we manufacture a range of moving floors and conveyor systems.

Kriger Biomass Boilers

Kriger manufacture fully automated industrial biomass boilers systems from 400kw up to 14.0mw. With a moving step grate and ram stoker they are designed to handle difficult low grade biomass with maximum reliability. New for 2017 is the Kriger-Woodtek IED(WID) boilers, which are becoming a more popular option allowing the customer to operate on a wider range of fuels.

ElectraTherm ORC Units

ElectraTherm are increasingly well regarded for their cutting edge ORC plants, which generate power from waste or excess heat. ElectraTherm have a very successful fleet of ORC units located worldwide with exceptional reliability.

There are three models within the ElectraTherm range, 4200 up to 35kWe, 4400 up to 65kWe and 6500 up to 110kWe.

Biomass Fuel

Woodtek Biomass produce and supply top quality wood chip for use in biomass boilers and CHP plants. The wood chip is manufactured on site at our Mid Wales based factory. We have designed and developed the production line and provide an ongoing maintenance service for the plant to ensure optimum production. 

About Our Products